Racism is real. "Race" is not.




Overcoming the Lie of "Race":

A Personal, Philosophical, and Political Perspective


"Well-argued and persuasive." "Thorough, well-researched."
These are comments from a review of this new book. The reviewer, Henry Baum of SPR, states:
"So if you come into this book with that common opinion of racial dynamics--that race does exist but shouldn't matter--
your mind will be changed, which is why it's an effective and important book."
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This book exposes the politically-inspired false concepts, lies and deceit that underlie the idea of “race.”
The author recognized this lie during his childhood and describes how he came to self-awareness in the midst of societal delusion.
He combines his personal experience with history of cross-group mixtures and scientific data.
We cannot have full democracy, based on the idea of human equality, and also have “races” treated as unequal.
At the same time, we must fully acknowledge the harm that “racial” thinking has caused and create appropriate remedies.
This book explains how to proceed to bring about the critical changes that are needed.


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