How We Are Our Enemy--And How to Stop:

Our Unfinished Task of Fulfilling the Values of Democracy





This book presents a progressive agenda for America and democracy everywhere.

Though written before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, it is even more relevant today,

as democracy is increasingly threatened by bigotry and religious fundamentalism.


Values of democracy


The book presents the values of democracy--what they are; their ethical foundation;

and their personal, social and political implications.


It contrasts democratic values with an age-old but widespread anti-democratic mentality

that stems from the vast anti-democratic history of humankind.

This mentality cares little for universal health care or the welfare of all

and opposes abortion rights and gay marriage.

It is the mentality that former president George W. Bush relied on to get public support

for the disastrous invasion of Iraq and that fuels the current far-right efforts

 to make America succumb to racist, sexist and religious bigotry.


Democratic values must increasingly replace this anti-democratic mentality

if democracy is to prevail and grow.


The book explains that, unlike this anti-democratic mentality,

democratic values are derived from the "golden rule" when it is properly understood

and applied on a societal level.


This book gives further guidance to our efforts to build a more democratic and caring society

and counters the anti-democratic movements now spreading in the United States

and elsewhere in the world.


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